Tatiana Alciati Wedding & Events
Tatiana Alciati Wedding & Events
Let’s get started: dress on half an hour before to leave home.
How much time do you usually need for getting ready? Multiply it twice!
The reason is a wedding dress needs some time before to get a right shape. Just imagine how many fabric layers are on it? You waste too much time to put stockings, the corset and a petticoat. How about jewelry and shoes? You won’t even realize that another 30 minutes will pass by.


… How about the gloves if any? We will talk about it very soon. 😉
Do not wash your hair the same day. Make sure they are clean and dry since the night before your big day.
You have probably noticed that it’s not easy to make a perfect hairstyle once the hair is washed. Even if a good hairdresser does it for you, she may have difficulties and take more time than usual. One more thing to remember! If you need to dye your hair, do it 2-3 days in advance and not earlier.


Have the gloves? Put it on after the ceremony!
Believe us it’s too uncomfortable to untie the knot of the ring pillow while wearing the gloves. Moreover, the ring can simply slide down from your hands.


Do not wear other rings on the wedding!
Whether it is an engagement ring or another the most favorite one, everyone will look only at the wedding-ring!


Do not forget a pair of comfortable shoes for dancing!
It does not mean that you can afford to put sneakers. You are the Queen of the Evening. So keep being! Sandals are much better!


Choose white gold jewelry!
Both yellow gold and dark jewelry do not look good against a white background. Remember it and take into consideration!


Do not forget about wedding rehearsal with your dad!
Your dad is not less worry as you do. If you do organize a rehearsal in the church with your dad a day before, you’ll see how all worries go slowly away. And take your wedding shoes with!


And last but not least, we are sure you’ll be the most beautiful bride. Good luck girl!